The research project has started in April 2015 in eight countries; Sudan is one of them. The project is funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and European Commission (EC) Grant. The duration of the grant is three years. The implementing organization in Sudan is the Hydraulic Research Center (HRC-Sudan) of the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity.

Project Objectives

The rationale of the proposed grant project is to contribute to the build-up of the practical knowledge and national and local capacity to systematically and comprehensively support the productive use of flood-based farming systems (FBFS) for poverty alleviation and inclusive growth in water-stressed regions of Africa and Asia with relatively short flood periods.

Research components

  1.  Network on FBFSs established and strengthened on national level with member-ship of wide range of water professionals, academics and farmers who are involved in development of FBFSs in Sudan.
  2. Knowledge development through oriented applied research such as the ongoing research program “On Farm Water Management” implemented by HRC in the GAS spate system.
  3. Capacity building through MSc programs as well as short courses
  4. Support to investment programmes and policies.

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