The Internship Programme

Pioneer Implementation through the project:

Africa to Asia and Back Again: Testing Adaptation in Flood-Based Resource Management Project

The Internship Program (IP) aims at nurturing young talent and transforming young professionals into visionary future leaders of the Spate Irrigation Network Foundation (SpNF) with a strong drive for innovation and working in partnership with farmers with the objective of lifting the unfortunate millions in Arid and Semi-arid Lands (ASALs) out poverty.

The implementation of IP has started in year 2017 with funding from the European Commission (EC). The interns were selected from the eight countries (Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen) where the project “Africa to Asia and Back Again: Testing Adaptation in Flood-Based Resource Management Project” is being implemented.

The overall programme is as follows:

  • First: six weeks working in the country chapter/ national host organization on a number of specific assignments.
  • Then: training period in the Netherlands for 6-8 weeks in the Netherlands. Here they will be working side-by-side with staff at the MetaMeta office. Together they will attend workshops to gain knowledge on a large variety of topics, and to strengthen their life skills. They will also work on assignments that assist in the consolidation of their respective FBLN country chapters.
  • Next: eight months working in the country chapter/ national host organization on the different programs. If possible, an exchange visit of the intern to another Flood Based Livelihoods country program can be arranged.

Eng. Ahmed A. Bagi, a young researcher from HRC-Sudan and a team member of the project, is selected from Sudan Country Chapter to participate in the internship program.

The Interns (young professionals) have worked under the supervision of international and local senior project team. They had the opportunities to learn from and exchange experiences with their peers and fellow interns.